With $500M of capacity, global reach and broad coverage form that helps you reach farther.


  • Access to over $500M in aggregate market capacity!

  • Risks from medium to large single location risks to large multi state/multi national schedules. Limits range from $2.5M to $100M per carrier.

  • Broad range of classes, including real estate (condos, apartments, etc.), hotels, industrial & manufacturing, oil & gas and many more.

  • We can place coverage in various layers, including Primary, Buffer (typically $100k to $1M), Excess Layers and Quota Share throughout the program.

  • Heavy Cat (Windstorm, Earthquake, Flood etc.) is our specialty, for all construction types and Builders Risk.

  • Stand alone perils can be done for Wind, Flood, Earthquake and other perils, including Ordinance & Law and BI/Rents.

  • Deductible Buy-Downs for cat perils with ability to get as low as $50k.

  • Stand-alone Terrorism (certified and non-certified) - Significant limits available.




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